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Hoenn is back! Rediscover a classic region 5 years on!

A child from the quiet Dinso region, your time has come to fulfil your dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer. Travel throughout your own region and Hoenn, and stop a resurgent Team Magma!

The Dinso Region

With exciting and vibrant new tilesets, Hoenn's received a well deserved facelift from The Dewitty

Back in Hoenn

Play as brand-new characters and battle old favourites!

Roxanne, Brawly & Flannery by The Dewitty

Miles, Mirabella, Teresa, Kerry, Taki, Stella & Ceros by lx_theo

Aiden & Amber - the player characters - by lx_theo

Use the brand new interface and Pokénav!

The beta menu*

And much, much more!

Where am I?

The Team
NikNaks - Team Lead
PokemonPlatinum - Lead Mapper & Assistant Team Lead
Michael - Co-leader's brother

Dew (The Dewitty)
Dr. Octogonapus (Toonie/Elaynii)
lx_theo (+ musician)
Serris (+ musician)

T3h Kaiser

CrazyNinjaGuy - Scripter
venom12 - Scripter

poccil & many others for the starter kit
Vorpalis for help, ideas and some mapping
Karel_Kazuki for various suggestions
Zurr for the banner
Dr. Octogonapus for the logo design
F.M.P. for occasional sprites and tips

*Littleroot map slightly out of date


We're currently looking for any talented designers, artist or writers who want to lend a hand. If you're interested, just send me a message, or post on the forum linked in my signature with a message explaining what you can do and some examples of your work (if applicable). Don't hesitate to contact us!