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Quote originally posted by Drakath569:
Ideas: Instead of Giving eevee stones to evolve. he should be evolve in a certain place like: Eevee --> Vaporeon Lvl @ (somewhere in water like while surfing) Eevee --> Leafeon lvl @ Eterna Forest

Well, I kinda like the Evolution Stones. I will make them less rare, so it won't be a pain to get them. Oh, ánd there's not such a way of evolving on Water while Surfing available atm. I would have to add that manually--that would take too much time.

Quote originally posted by K2 XTREME:
just a suggestion, should give us a explanation of the storyline.
Ah yes, didn't think of that. I will add an explanation as soon as possible (in the first post).

Please tell me what you like in the game, and what not!