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Quote originally posted by .тαмєя:
Hey, I'm interested in your shiny Mewoth [ The Mascot the Lv99 One ] And wondered what kind of thing you'd be looking for it?

~ Thanks
Great IV'd Poke (EV'd or not, shiny prefered) that I don't have. Possibly better versions or different strategies of ones I do have. Link me to your thread though.? If it's in your sig a ? comes up around it. >.<

Quote originally posted by coots:
Sure sure
I know how annoying it is to have to bump your own shop and then you can't cause they meld together
I'm pretty good I wish my wi-fi would work and that I could've slept longer
Why didn't ya sleep longer and why's your wifi screwy.? Unless you stayed up all night trying to fix your wifi, then that'd answer one question. XD

Quote originally posted by BabyPanda:
when you can trade?
BTW, do you have wants list or something? i saw another 2 events i want but don't know what to offer XD
Can't trade right now. If I see you on later today we can though. =P

My wants are at the bottom post I put stuff on. Check the first post under "Table of Contents" for it. My wants consist of just either having someone that could IV breed for me or trading for IV'd/EV'd Poke I like. If you'd be up to doing some IV breeding I could offer clones of event Poke I don't even list up. =P

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