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Originally Posted by Matzzz View Post
yes they are and i would if i knew how
Checked out the shiny ones I was interested in. Could I have the OT on the shiny EV'd Muk.?

Also, something odd is up with Hitmontop. It has 31 on every IV except Atk (27) without EVs. As soon as you put the max EV amount into any slot, it drops down to an impossible 0 on that IV. Now, either it's a hack (a strong possibility IMO) or someone EVd it stupidly by giving 100 EVs to each stat and guessing 10 to Atk, probably. Either way, if you get the chance, I'd have it hack checked.

Originally Posted by BabyPanda View Post
well, i have over 100 EV trained pokemon and i can do some IV breed, but i don't know how to RNG so don't expect to get shinies or crazy IVs lol
Hmm. Could you possibly get 25+ on all IVs (except either Atk or Sp.Atk as both aren't usually used).?

Originally Posted by .тαмєя View Post
Um I can do the nature and HG/SS egg moves probally but not shiny sorry ~
Any pokemon prbally if i have it..
Alright, I'll PM you in a little while with a request and see if you can do it. =P

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