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He blamed the Jews for Germany having crippled after the first war; he was angry because they sat around rich while the rest of the Germans were poor and malnourished.

He was just vengeful :s and wanted to rage his anger out on someone. The holocaust was sad; I personally feel the numbers were exaggerated a bit, but even so, some of the things I read about how they killed people, like tying the legs of pregnant women together so when they gave birth, both the baby and mother would die. Just terrible; it gives me nightmares, and I learnt of that three years ago!

Though, some horrible things are happening in the Middle-East, too. It's a miniature, secondary holocaust for the Palestinians pretty much. The American government is funding the Israelian army, while no one is helping the Palestinians. S'why I boycott quite a few Israe-funding products, like Coca Cola, l'Oréal, and McDonald's.

In any case, Hitler's goal was to obliterate what he felt was the problem. Although I feel his views of the problem itself were skewed, I can understand how a man who was pushed into poverty would feel with a certain group of people, not even from German descent, sat around in high-quality chairs and whatnaught, kicking at the rest of the country :s I'd be pretty angry, too! Though I wouldn't kill anyone.

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