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Originally Posted by Chibi-chan View Post
Why did you make this thread Ben.?
Is this some kind of 'let's glorify Hitler' thread? Of course you know the general response, 'he was a bad person etc.', but do you want some people to actually like/pity Hitler?

D. W. Griffith created one of the most revolutionary films of his time due to the camera angles, but he also restarted the KKK and lynching.

Hitler was a terrible person who just happened to be a political genius. His genius shouldn't make you a fan of him though...there are many other political geniuses such as Churchill who used his political wit to do good for the world, not kill millions.
I wanted to see peoples views.
I'm not a fan of him, I'm a fan of his goals.
Do you know his over all goal, a super race, that's the only thing I like about him.