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Quote originally posted by Dialga Man:
You do not have any Poketopia events right? do you want them or no :x ?
I do have them...
Quote originally posted by poke'freak123:
It was injapan myfriend went there to visit his uncle whomoved there to start a new life
Can you give its ID number or all the info on it?
Quote originally posted by joshk_bra:
salamence, porygonz, electrivire, milktank, ninjask, gengar

well i also got kingdra, ninetales, frolass, polywrait, closyster, weavile,scizor, breloom, and zapdos for trade at the moment
all evd
What are the stats on ev'd poliwrath?
Quote originally posted by xxashxx:
Oh ok. PM me whichever one you want. Please give me up to 2 weeks so I have time and the chance to trade with you. Don't bail out fast on this one. Thanks. Whichever one you pick will be locked down until I have a chance to trade. Thanks.
I kinda need these two:

Gligar lv10 Gentle ID 60505 Nagoya I have this one.
Stantler lv10 Hardy ID 60505 Tokyo I have this one.
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