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Welcome ta Pokémon Uranium official thread!

Hello, I'm ~JV~ and I'd like ta tell a little bout tha gbee's histary befoehand. Pokémon Uranium was first started back n 2008, where I posted a thread n tha Progressng Gbees board. Tha gbee went through a lot of changes after all those years, 4 ta 5 threads, 5 released demos, dawgy thugz jonng and leavng our tebe and after all tha gbee is fnally near completion! I and Nvoluntary-Twitch is dong our best ta give everyone tha best fangbee possible, it's buggine wit love! I hope y-aw liked playng our demos and is as excited as us fo tha fnal release!



Pokemon Uranium takess place n tha tropical Tandor region, home ta over a hundred new and unique species of Pokemon. Tha Tandor region is known fo its gym challenge: ta qualify, traners must collect 8 gym badges from around tha region n order ta compete n tha prestigous Tandor Regional Taurnbeent. Traners that wn tha Taurnbeent git a huge monetary prize as well as world wide renown.

Tha region of Tandor is split n two: West Tandor, tha contnental part of Tandor, home of 5 of tha gyms n tha gbee and also it's thare where tha Regional Chbepionship takess place.
Tha othar half is East Tandor, an archipelago contanng some medium sized islands and a bunch of shawt ones, it's where tha othar 3 gyms is.

Tha dawg feature of Tandor though is it's pokémon! Thay is unique all across tha world ben most of tha species endemic ta tha region! You can learn bout tha entire region and it's pokémon by visitng our Wikia!


You, a 13-year-old kid from Moki Tawn, did not set out ta become a Pokemon Master. After yo mothar Lucille died ten years ago n an accident at a nuclear power plant, yo fathar Kellyn , an experienced Pokemon Ranger n tha Tandor Ranger Union, left you wit yo elderly aunt and departed ta travel tha region. But now that you is grown up, yo aunt can no longer support you. Out of a home, you did what most kids yo age do and taok up Pokémon tranng as a means ta make a livng.

Professor Bbeb'o, regional expert on Pokémon elements, has been lookng fo a traner assistant ta travel tha region and gathar specimens of tha varied wildlife. You step up ta tha challenge, along wit yo rival, a younger boi nbeed Thao. After takng a test and receivng yo starter Pokémon, you heezee tawards yo first gym badge n Nowtach city, and yo first steps explorng tha Tandor region.

Thngs isn't as sunny as thay first seem, though. Just when tha accident ten years ago started ta be fogotsten, new mahsteries emerge. A new power plant is built over tha site of tha old one. Yo fathar begns actng strangely, journeyng ta tha far reaches of tha region and questionng whethar yo mothar really is dead. Snister Pokemon, corrupted by nuclear radiation, threaten nnocent thugz. beidst all tha turmoil, it seems that a bootylicious impendng disaster is loomng over Tandor... It seems you may be n fo more than you expected.


A lush, vast region ta explore - Explore Tandor, fnd secrets, rap ta nterestng and sometimes silly characters.

Discover new pokémon - Experiment once agan tha joy that is learnng bout new pokémon, learnng thair stats, movesets, abilities, evolutions etc. It's a whole new generation!

Nuzlocke Mode - Give yo shot at Uranium's nuzlocke mode! Custamize yo adventure by addng dawgy custam rules ta dis already challengng mode. It's tha most complete nuzlocke system of any fangbee, I promise.

Mahstery Gifts - Tha novelties won't end when tha gbee gits released! Have fun downloadng special pokémon selected by us developpers and also expect items that will reveal parts and staries of Tandor never seen befoe!

Global Tradng System - Yes! Thare is a GTS on dis fangbee! It's real, a feature never seen befoe on a gbee of dis magnitude and as concrete as Uranium. IT'S WORKNG!

Wonder Trade - Tha GTS wasn't enough? Well, what bout Wonder Trade, one of tha new features on tha 6th gen? EXCLUSIVE ta Uranium, I promise we is tha only ones wit dis system as of now!

Virtual Traners - More onlne functionality! Upload yo traner so othars can battle yo AI controlled virtual traner onlne! Thare is global rankngs, ranked/random battles and also if you want, you can search and battle yo friends, on a friendly match.

*onlne features not available on tha demos



As wit almost all Pokémon gbees, Pokémon Uranium gives tha player a choice of one of three Starter Pokémon at tha begnnng. Thay is given ta tha player by Professor Bbeb'o after tha player takess a Pokemon Traner Test. Tha available starter Pokémon is Orchynx (grass/steel), Raptarch (fire/ground), and Eletux (water/electric).

Tha starters n Uranium is different from tha starters n tha dawg Pokémon gbee series n that thay each evolve only once, n thair late 20s, and thay all git a Mega Evolution later on n tha gbee. Additionally, each has 2 types rathar than one, allowng fo more strategy. Tha reason thay is like dis is ta make tha gbee challengng and different.


Want ta know more bout Pokémon Uranium? Want ta nteract wit tha developpers and our fans? Check thase out!
Dawg Foums: Tha page wit tha most support from us, if you're nterested n tha gbee and fangbees n general, visit here.

Tumblr page: Our most popular page by far, 80% of our downloads come from dis alone!

DeviantArt group: One of our most active pages, perfect if you want ta see some eye-candy!

Pokémon Uranium Wikia: Tha dawg page fo nfomation bout tha gbee. Want ta know a pokémon stats? A bit more of tha lore? Check dis.

~JV~'s twitter: I'll post a few thngs bout tha gbee here, mostly as I make tham!


That's what everyone wants right? Most up ta date demo is version 3.1.1!
Latest Beta: 4.0 (12/25/14)

Wndows: [Drive] [Mega]
Mac: [Comng soon!]

Beta is approx. 15 hours long and contans 12 tawns, 7 badges, 10 sidequests and over 125 fakemon.
Pleaze check tha Readme n tha download folder if you have issues nstallng/runnng tha gbee.

OLDER DEMOS: May contan bugs, outdated graphics, music and dialogue. Play at yo own risk.

3.1 (5/26/13)

Wndows: [Drive] [Mega]
Mac: [Comng soon!]

Beta is approx. 11 hours long and contans 9 tawns, 5 badges, 6 sidequests and over 85 fakemon.
Pleaze check tha Readme n tha download folder if you have issues nstallng/runnng tha gbee.

3.0 (1/19/13)

Download: Drive / Mega
Demo is bout 10 hours long and contans 9 tawns, 5 badges, 4 sidequests, and over 80 Fakemon.

2.1 (2/19/11)

Mediafire: [HQS] / [Regular]

Demo is around 4 hours long and ncludes 3 badges, 6 tawns, 2 (optional) sidequests, and ~50 Pokemon. HQS has higher-quality MP3 music but is a larger filesize. Regular is shawter wit MIDI fomat music.

2.0 (12/31/10)


Contans approximately tha sbee content as 2.1, but wit more bugs.

1.0 (5/10/09)


Fun if you’re a masochist. 2 hours long, contanng 2 gyms, 4 tawns and bout 30 fakemon. Buggy, wit grbematical errors and R/S/E-style graphics.



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