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Quote originally posted by Pandemonioum:
Alright then, let's wait the new graphical demo then to see the progress nice screenies too, especially one with the rain.

Ps: In the last screen Kinetmunk seems to be screwed? :D

What do you mean about screwed? I think the persperctive is okay with him =x.

Quote originally posted by Neo-Dragon:
Very nice presentation.
I like the Infobox in your opening post too. Looks very good.

As for the game, it surely seems to have improved from the older version. The tiles are very nice and the mapping looks fine. Although some buildings have shadows (pokecenter) and the others don't. I'm sure that will get edited with time.

I do have a slight issue with the text color in the battle system. I think the battle commands text (the Fight, Pokemon and so on) should maybe be white and have the background (the image behind the battle commands) just black/gray. It would look a lot slicker.

Oh, thanks Neo! I'll sure fix the problem with the buildings (probably by adding shadows to all of them). Also, about the battle boxes, I'll test your suggestion, and if I like it I'll stick with it ;]

Quote originally posted by zein:
Wow! now looks better the game, i going to wait for updates.

Haha, kay ;]

Quote originally posted by Death5 Shadow:
I don't like the fakemon that much
1. more cartoony
2. in a better pose the one fakemon is looking away from you if it's strong it will be staring at you

Well, I've only really showed one of the fakemon (Empirilla), but I quite like him, and isn't pokémon supposed to be cartoony o_0? Also, I don't really get the pose thing.

Quote originally posted by davidthefat:
This format looks decent, cleaner looking.

Thanks ^^.

Quote originally posted by nmorr:
Yeah! Pokemon Uranium is back looking better then ever! Downloading now!
Quote originally posted by Poison Master:
Looks awesome, I'm downloading it, i will edit this, if i find any bugs !

To you two, if you didn't read, right beside the download link, it's written that it is the not supported October 2009 one, the one with old graphics.

Quote originally posted by loliwin:
Cool thread presentation. :3

The graphics look way better than the old graphics you had and they look amazing. I like the old-medieval colosseum-like building. It looks so nice! :D The other buildings look great.

For the battle screen, I really love the background but I don't like Emprilla's design, kinda cartoony IMO.

But overall, great looking game. Going to download it nao. :D

Same thing as the other two, thanks a lot for the complimentes, I'm glad you liked it, I still don't know what is wrong with Emperilla... well, I'll let Zephyr anser that, after all she is the main spriter...

Quote originally posted by Vociferocity:
gorgeous thread! I don't think I ever paid much attention to the old one because it felt cluttered and fairly unattractive (I'm shallow, I know XD), but this one drew my attention immediately.

the story sounds interesting, the graphics are amazing....I'm downloading the demo right this second, can't wait to play it :)

Haha, I understand you, thanks for the compliments!

Well guys, I'm adding the new starters sprites to the main post and will be adding other things through the day maybe ^^.

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