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Ok so this is a quick storyline ive been thinking off since i decided to hack a rom.

You come from a small fishing village in the region of (idk yet). Your Dad made this small town finished by being able to catch a Kyorgre with his super rod and the town iolizes him and has built a statue for him. You have just turned 13 and, due to tradition, you have to start fishing is the lake next to your village. The problem is you wake up late and your Older Twin brother, who is also your rival, Has left without you and took your dads Super Rod. SInce your ad finds him a better fisher he doesnt mind. Your mother on the other side gives your an Old Broke Rode and 1 pokeball. You travel to the lake and start finish and you get a blue magikarp on the line (which evolves into a red gyarados). This blue magikarp is your starter and the Towns prof. sees you catch it and calls you into his lab. where he gives you a pokedex. Arrived at home your dad is congratulating your brother for having caught a squirtle. You show your dad your blue magickarp and he just says "SHould have thought you would have caught one". After your brother decided to beat the Gyms and E4 of your region and your dad says this is a good idea. You to leave to prove to your dad your better them your brother.

The Blue Magikarp is special and will get attacks that allow you to lv it up.
This is a new region so new maps and gyms.
After beating all the gyms and the E4 + your brother (the champion) you go home and face your dad who your brother was not able to beat
Other Rivals will be added

What i really need is guidance as i could use some help on rom hacking as ive just start today