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Quote originally posted by SCV058:
OT of Milotic and Miltank.
Miltank: George
Milotic: Trent

Quote originally posted by salot:
interedted in these SHUCKLE Lv.100 @ Leftovers
Stone Edge / Toxic / Protect / Rest
HP:182 / ATK:50 / DEF:614 / SpA:45 / SpD:559 / SPD:42

RHYPERIOR Lv.100 @ Leftovers
Earthquake / Stone Edge / Hammer Arm / Avalanche
HP:392 / ATK:368 / DEF:305 / SpA:126 / SpD:143 / SPD:105
offering anything from my thread

I didn't see anything, but I'll look again in a bit and see if we can't work something out.

Quote originally posted by Serene Grace:
I... don't really have much but I really, really want that Porygon Z. What do you want for it (that I hopefully have)?

Do you have any good IV'd Pokemon, if not, shinys, events, etc?

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