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Regular old img tags. I wasn't trying all that hard with my sig 5 minutes ago, but I manged to do it now:
[jq][center][img][/img][cd="width:339px; height:0px; position:relative; bottom: 128px;"][right][url=][img][/img][/url][/right][/cd][/center][/jq]

First I centered the image because that's what I wanted. Then, right after the [/img], I added a div that would have the "Movie Start" image. width:339px; because that's how wide I want the box and height:0px; to prevent any unwanted blank space. I then used position:relative; to tell the div how I wanted it positioned. Next, I moved the div box with the "Movie Start" image up from the bottom 128px. Close up the divs and now I have a CSS signature that has all dragable/selectable images.

There's a [cd=background-color:black;] but that is irrelevant.
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