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Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
English...I didn't know that. Haha...I'd recommend using it then. I give all my hands up to Poccil and I really think his starter kit is awsome (since I'm using it), but I've also tried the French one, and I was amazed. All they have done. There is virtually no lag for anything. Transitions are smoother and it is perfectly executed. To say the least, I kinda prefer it over Essentials, so if there is an English version, go for it Anyways, anything is good as long as you develop the game...right, and I'm sure the new resolution will make your life, as well as the players life better.
The SDK isn't fully translated I dont think... I would be using it over PE Actually I do plan to in the future... I do think u should remove the link you've posted b4 dont need people trying to jump on the PSP bandwagon too...
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