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Originally Posted by HackMew View Post
Well, before you removed the script you had a setvar 0x8004 0x1, and then the callasm. Could you tell me what was the script meant to do, exactly?
Well, my script was supposed to loan you a Pokémon then have a wildbattle with your soon-to-be starter. (I used a special along with setwildbattle.)

Then after catching your starter, the loaned Pokémon was supposed to be erased so that you only have your starter.

Thing is, there's are a blank spot before the starter.
(To fix it, you need to access the Pokémon Menu then you have to switch the two Pokémon then use an item from your bag before it disappears.)

Oh and one more thing, that script was messed up, I meant it to be
setvar 0x8004 0x0 to erase the first Pokémon.

I'm using the EraseFirstPokemon routine. (Was it unnecessary to put a setvar since it Erases the first Pokémon?)

To see the Wild Battle, click Here.
To see the Battle, click Here. (Low quality, sped up)
To see how to make the empty slot disappear, click Here.

Hope you can see through the problem . .


Edit: Solved it! It's a sin to use EraseFirstPokemon in that type of script, I need to use the first one.
Whew! (Because, it only ERASES the POKEMON right? It doesn't take?)


. . .

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