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Quote originally posted by AceDragonite:
sweet! fighting is my favorite type sorry if i offended you guys by calling a couple wierd, but the the starters look much better now!
this game is very good
I understand you, and thanks fpr the compliment, I'm sure we will amaze you much more in the next days ^^.

Quote originally posted by ForeverRed:
Ooo, very nice.
Hmm, Tandor looks like its connected to another region.. any news on that?
And as Zephyr said, it is! Tandor is actually 2x bigger than a normal region, (about the size of Kanto + Johto) and that opens space for more pokemon, adventures and exploration, You will all know more about East Tandor later.

Quote originally posted by HeavyOctillery:
I'm liking the new graphics so far. Eletux also looks much better (less like a deformed Lanturn & more like a separate Pokemon).
(I used to like him before too =[) but I got your point, I agree it's much better, Zephyr is showing to be much better at spriting 80x80 sprites, that is really cool ^^.

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