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@-0, that was the introduction. Anyway, here's the First Chapter!

Pokémon: The Almia Conspiracy

Chapter 1

Zack Romano slowly opened his blue eyes. Sitting up, he yawned and stretched. Squinting, he looked across the room at the television set. It was off, so all he could see on its black screen was his reflection. Looking at it, he noticed his short, blond hair was going everywhere, but that didn't seem to concern him too much. He just ran his long, pale fingers through it and hoped that would at least get out the tangles.

Slipping out of his bed, he stumbled across the room to one of the wooden bookcases. Colorful spines were jammed on every shelf except the top one, which was crammed with odds, ends, and a single plastic alarm clock that seemed to have been ringing for quite awhile. Picking it up, he squinted at the time. Then, he paused as the clock fell out of his hands and landed with a thump on the hardwood floor.

"Oh no," he whispered. "The Trainer Academy's entrance exam! I'm gonna be late!"

“Argh!” he said as he hurried to get on his clothes and ran downstairs to hastily eat his breakfast.

“Good morning, dear,” his mother called to her son.

“Bye, Mom,” he said absentmindedly as he ran out the door holding his bag with his shirt on backwards, and his pants half on.

“That kid. He’s just like his father,” his Mother said, sighing as she said so.

“Mommy, where’s Brother going?” his sister asked.

All she did was sigh.

Zack ran through the streets of Chicole, passing many of his neighbors and friends. He received many "Good Luck!s" and "Farewell!s", and reached the path that led to Vientown.

He had managed to avoid most of the Pokémon on the path, but finally, the Staraptor that lived along the path suddenly attacked Zack.

"Argh! Go away stupid bird! I'm gonna be late!" He said, squirming around with the Staraptor's claws in his rough hair.

"Starrr! Raptrrrr!" it said, wildly swinging back and forth, clutching to Zack's hair.

"Fine! I'll just have to battle you, crazy bird!" Zack exclaimed angrily to the bird.

As if that was the answer it was looking for, the Staraptor let go of his hair had flew a few feet in front of him.

"Ok, let's go, Cubburn!" Zack exclaimed, throwing a Pokéball high into the air, which then released a red light which materialized into the Fire Cub Pokémon.

"Burrr!" Zack's Pokémon cried in excitement.

"Cubburn, use Ember!" he roared to his Pokémon, as it began to shoot fire from its mouth at the Staraptor.

"Starr! RAPTORRR!!!" the bird Pokémon cried as it flew up into the air and swooped at Cubburn, trying to land a Drill Peck on it.

"Darn! Cubburn, dodge it!" Zack commanded, but the Staraptor was too fast.

Cubburn was savagely attacked by the Staraptor, and Cubburn ended up on the ground, struggling to rise.

"That's the last straw, stupid bird! I'll catch you!" Zack exclaimed, as he whipped out a fresh Great Ball from one of his pockets.

He threw the Great Ball at the Bird Pokémon, and it was engulfed in the ball, falling to the ground. The ball rocked three times, and it clicked to indicatte that it had been captured.

"Yes! Now I can hurry to Vientown!" Zack cried in excitement, and ran down the remaining part of the path to Vientown.

He finally reached Vientown and got in line to get on the boat ride to the Trainer School. The short boat ride took him to the island, where the amazing wonder of Pokémon education that was the Trainer Academy awaited him. He entered the building, and the greatest adventure of his life began.

To Be Continued…

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