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Quote originally posted by blueguy:
*wall of text*

Well, first things first, I'm not a fanboy.
I just appreciate the effort they're putting in.

And whilst your point may be valid, blueguy, it doesn't mean you have to keep saying it.
Once it is said, it doesn't need saying again.

I mean, sure, there has been many a let down concerning the project but it'll be worth it in the end if they ever get there.

You've added your point. You think they'll let us down.
That's fine. That's your opinion.
But honestly, it doesn't need saying more than once and can get annoying for not just us members but the game developers when someone comes into their thread, constantly repeating about how they'll let everyone down.


Simply put. Let's drop the entire subject and wait to see what happens.
One should not doubt the initiative they have until one knows full well whether they will fail or not.
Wait and see if they release a demo when they say they will, and if they don't, your opinion is reserved and you have total right to what you say.

Let's just be patient, yeah?