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Quote originally posted by ЩѻƦḽᶑʂḽдƴƹƦ™:
I can whip up a user bar in the next day or two :). I lurk in this thread a lot haha, suppose I should at least come up with something for you guys.

Looking great btw :)
Haha thanks, I'm looking forward to that ubar ;]

Quote originally posted by Riceeman:
Do I get no credits for my Lil' rodent sprites? D:

Nah, don't worry JV. :P. This game is really shaping up beautifully. The wide range of place styles in the screenshots are gorgeous. Keep up the awesome work.
Man, I'm sorry =p. Actually I didn't put you there because I didn't knew if I would put you in the Team or in the Credits section.

Quote originally posted by AceDragonite:
oh whoops! here's my demo team
Lv. 19 Eletux
Lv. 20 Baashaun

Lv. 15 Barewl

ps what levels do Baashaun, Eletux and Barewl evolve at, i assumed one of them would reach evolution level
Eletux evolves at lvl 27, Baashaun at lvl 22 and Barewl at 28. Baashaun is really close, but I think for the other two only in the next demo >.<.

By the way, following Neo's suggestion I changed a little bit the command box of the BS, what do you guys think of it =x? (Also showing the quality of the backsprites that Zephyr made xD)

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