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Originally Posted by Dark_Pikachu
Cliches and poor similies - examples

dark: Dark as night, dark as midnight, etc.
black: Black as jet, black as midnight, etc.
What do you expect authors can compare to other things black?
Black as stone? Black as my keyboard? Black as my pencil sharpener? Black as sewer water?

blue: Blue as the sky, blue as the sea, blue as the lake, etc. (Some seas and lakes are red when the sunrise is above 'em ) (OU.)
Yes, but generally, aren't they portrayed as the color blue? Like I said above, what do you expect authors to compare blue with? Blue as a Winows XP toolbar? Blue as bed sheet? Think, dude. We might be creative but it's sometimes important to use your so-called "cliched similies."

Try and be original.
Black as my battery charger. Black as the fence.

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