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~Pokemon Techno Sky~
By Team Quintex


Long ago, in the once lively region of Hoenn, Mt. Chimney erupted with cataclysmic force and wiped out the entire region. Luckily, scientists and vulcanologists at the Weather Institute were able to detect the volcano's activity before the eruption and evacuated everyone as fast as possible. Residents watched as the volcano's magma covered everything in site, destroying habitats and consuming whole cities. All was lost, and no one dared to return...until a brave traveler named Demelza Amadour rediscovered the region with her husband Ryon. After settling in the new region, the two began to invite other people to help start a community. Soon after, Ryon became sick with a seemingly uncurable disease. On his deathbed, he said, "Demelza, please continue the region and family that we have started, I'll always love you, and never forget me." Fulfililng her partner's wish, Demelza named the new region Ryoenn, after her husband and the previous land of Hoenn.
In the near future.....
One day in the Sinnoh region while checking the mail, you notice a mysterious letter addressed to your house and run inside to give it to your mom. She tells you to start packing immediately because you are moving to Ryoenn. Little do you know, your mom is hiding a dark secret, and it has caused you to relocate to a new region. Little do you know, your mother is actually the leader of an organization called Team Atmos, with plans to relocate the land of Ryoenn into a world in the sky.

Fusion Typing: Scientists of Team Atmos began to experiment with the genetic makeup of Pokemon. After finding out the genes that code for a Pokemon's type(s), they began to fuse them together to create super-types. Types that were created are: wood, magma, paradox, celestial, chaos, ancient, cyber, radioactive, and alloy. ( more info on these new types later )

Fusion Gyms: As a result of the newly created fusion types, gym leaders of Ryoenn began to capture and train fusion-typed pokemon and use them in gyms. These special gym battles are double battles against the 2 gym leaders whose types make up the fusion type of the gym; these gyms are available after you defeat the P4.

Dinogod Trio: Yin Dinogod, Ancient/Celestial; Yang Dinogod, Ancient/Chaos; Harmony Dinogod, Ancient/Cosmic. ______ ( Harmony DG ) watches over the balance of yin and yang from space. ( more info later )

P4: Replacing the E4 of past regions, Ryoenn introduces the new Prodigy 4, made up of the 4 best, young trainers of the region. The P4 include: Logon, specializing in Electric types; Houron, specializing in Time types; Empyreon, specializing in Cosmic types; and Soaron, specializing in Flying types. These trainers are lead by the champion of Ryoenn, Gaia.

© 2010 ~*OliverTwist*~

New Characters!

Name: Ivy
Origin: Ivory
Type: Heroine
Hometown: Celadon City,Kanto

Name: Eben
Origin: Ebony ( french spelling: ébène )
Type: Hero
Hometown: Saffron City,Kanto

Name: Trent
Origin: Trench
Type: Gym Leader ( water )
Hometown: Rainbrick Town, Ryoenn

Name: Amber
Origin: Ember
Type: Gym Leader ( fire )
Hometown: Kindle Village, Ryoenn

Gym Leaders ( in no particular order ) :

  • Luna-Cosmic
  • Eleice-Ice
  • Tanise-Dragon
  • Luci-Chaos
  • Ezpirituan-Ghost
  • Angelica-Celestial
  • Goreden-Fighting
  • Nelson-Normal

Team Atmos:

Leader: Evelyn
Commanders: Skye and Orion
This team feels that the world is corrupted and that living in their newly created Skyworld is a better choice than the environment of the Earth. Their goal is to have all humans and pokemon living in a world of the sky, controlled by their leader Evelyn.

Team Cosmos:
Leader: Maxine
Commanders: Sirius and Carina
Like Team Atmos, this team feels that the world is corrupted and that living in space in the next step for humanity. Taking the goals of their opponents even further, Maxine leads this team with the intention that living in space is a healthier alternative and refreshment from the environment on Earth.



  • Set in the near future
  • 100+ new pokemon, including evolutions of past pokemon
  • Ryoenn, a newly REdiscovered region
  • P4, the enhanced version of the Pokemon League;
    • P4 = Prodigy 4
    • The P4 consists of the 4 best young trainers of the region, all hand picked by the champion of Ryoenn, Gaia Amadour.
  • New characters and key items
  • Many new aspects of the game

{Team Techno Sky}
~*OliverTwist*~- Co-Creator/All Positions
EonMasterofSpace - Co-Creator/All Positions
The Legendary Mew - Storyline Writer
dudleyspud - Mapper
Dahlia411 - Artist

Available Postions:
  • Spriters
  • Coder/Script Editors
** Please post in this thread with examples of your work or send me a PM if you want to join the team :D**

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