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@> Everyone above:

You'll see soon, it will have alot to do with the game but it will still be a loading system. Video will probably be out today showing the point and functionality of the system. Don't worry, you'll all warm up to it when you see what it actually does.


And as the day goes on I am revealing this CDS' features: (Details will progress throughout the day)

- An Online Shop
- Emblem Case
- Mystery Gift

Details: (More is coming later today, these are simple facts)

Online Shop --> Using this system you can connect to the internet and shop for new items that can be monitored so the shop can change at various points!

Emblem Case --> Shows the emblems you've received throughout the game.

Mystery Gift --> Using this system you can connect to the internet and download special Pokemon that I configure from my website. (Similar to Nintendo's Mystery Gift)

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