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Want: TRU or any other Legit Shaymin

OF: UT Adamant Manaphy | UT Sassy Rotom | Shiny Luxray | Shiny Gastly | Shiny Metagross | Quiet Japanese Ditto | UT Timid Flailichu | UT Serious HG Ho-Oh | UT L1 Hardy Giratina | UT L1 Gentle Palkia | UT L1 Calm Dialga | Any Starter, Freshly Bred, No Promises on Sex or Nature | UT Bold Entei | UT Docile Raikou

The Shaymin is the most important thing on my list, I haven't been able to get a legit one for my wife to replace the hacked one she received even after several failed attempts here. Will listen to most offers, also interested in Event Pokes and Shinies like everyone else.

Running to the store, leave me a PM with any offers if interested.
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