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Quote originally posted by brian1666:
I need a few things:
1. A DP tileset for RMXP (Pokemon Essentials)
Quote originally posted by magicbus:
does anyone have the FULL HG/SS tilesets? i need inside,outside (overworld) pokemon centre, caves,mart everything....

i'v used some of the available ones which fail because they have little diversity. i'v seen games with the fulll sets so anyone with a link please post for me.

NOTE- if HG/SS arn't the best graphic's available feel free to point me in right direction.

I Can't start my game till i have these tilesets.

Quote originally posted by odinel:
Could anyone please share their DP/Pt styled 'customized' RMXP Tileset?
please ................. ??

the only advice i can give you is to gather the 'un-diverse' ones that are all over the place then collate them into one that suits you. that's what i have done and i have most of the graphics from both games. so good luck and get to work.

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