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Originally Posted by sir.euge View Post
Everyone in this community are like serious noobs. No one is a hacker if they use tools. Stop waiting and go hack somestuff. See what mewthree9000 has to say to all of you. I agree with him. follow this link.
fail dude.
learn how to say your own words, then maybe people will actually listen to you. and also, posting the same god dang thing on two different threads (Btw, why do we have two of these threads? just a thought...) is really a bad idea, and makes you look dumber than a box of rocks. idk, maybe thats just me, but i doubt that.
Originally Posted by HackChu View Post
Yeah from the new looks of Black and white it will without a doubt be much tougher to hack.
I agree with this.
Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
It's kinda weird having the 5th Generation on the Nintendo DS, since the Nintendo DS will might be the first handheld in history to ever have two generations on it.
If it's gonna be on the Nintendo DS... then that would mean... all the model layouts and all that will be the same. And they will use both overworld and battle sprites once again. If only they announced the Nintendo codename 3DS at last E3. Or what if they have actually announced the 5th Generation too soon?

But anyways, I'm sure all the mapping style will be exactly the same as the 4th generation. No difference whatsoever, which kinda sucks really, I was expecting more from them.
I kinda wish I was a programmer, that way I would be able to create my first 4th and 5th Generation map editor.

EDIT: If it really was on the 3DS... Pokémon Sunday would have no choice but to leak the info and the looks of the Nintendo 3DS. And I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't want that.
Ok...have you even seen the screenshots of b/w?
THERE IS NO EFFIN WAY that the mapping is gonna be close. If it is....idk, maybe i'll chew on my hat, but i say with about 80% sureness, that the mapping is gonna be different.

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