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Quote originally posted by Chaos Rush:
As giradialkia mentioned, you're gonna have to restart your hack. What happens with the default AdvanceMap ini is that it repoints to around the 0x600000 area, where all the sound stuff is. If you try to fix it with out restarting, chances are, you're gonna end up corrupting all your maps and such.

So er... yeah. You have to restart. Good luck, since that's what I'm doing too.
As do I. Other Emerald hackers probably should too, depending on how bad the corruption is (although even minimal sound corruption is annoying). There'd certainly be complaints about it, anyway.
I think this should be stickied. It's the one thing people really should know before starting an Emerald hack- that was like the only thing separating Emerald from the other ROMs that're normally hacked, pretty much, so.. Yeah. IMO.

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