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Konekodemon, you appear to be the first poster who hasn't had problems viewing the videos.. They are in divx format so I guess that could be playing a part in it..
Alliehj, that post makes it all worth it.. I was aiming for something along those lines, but I feel like I may have added too much original anime content and it might have killed the replay value a bit.. Not to mention the length of some of those cutscenes.
But I did enjoy the accuracy given by using exact lines/scenes from the series.. It just makes branching harder (alternate storyline options). I'm sure I'll find a happy medium
Pokémon4ever, thanks dude, I'll keep trying hard.
Biggar, thanks man, you're right.. If I wasn't doing all this spriting it'd give me heaps of time to work on the battle system etc. I like a bit of variety though, it keeps the inspiration alive. What you said about the vertical swing&lock, I've considered it before.. I thought it would just make more sense to leave it out.. Oh and the 90 degree viewpoint, interesting in theory but boring in practice, it would look like the first few GTA games.. To sum it up, a lower angle = more detailed sprites, higher = less. It's a good idea, but means more spriting for a less-than-desirable effect.. I have focused on lower-than-normal-rmxp angles because I've really wanted to break free from many of the forcive 2d-rpg mapping methods for years, I found a way to do that with NM7. Again, thanks for your opinion

I'm noticing that a lot of people are voting on 1 viewpoint.. Strange, I was feeling that swing&lock would be the preferred option, I guess I'll just have to wait for some more votes..

Anyway I'd like to thank all those who support this game.. I know other people seem to be jumping on the Mode 7 bandwagon atm, but hopefully they have the decency not to copy from this project.. After all, that's what will makes it so unique..
As for the beta, I was thinking of re-merging the starter kit with the project before release, but I'll be honest here, I only solved about 6-7 problems before I called it a waste of time.. I'll try to persevere the frustration next time, but I do have a very short fuse and I like my laptop in one piece

Also, thanks for abusing the poll, Trizotto you n33b -.-

Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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