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Originally Posted by PiPVoda View Post
Lol, I use to think so too! But yeah the chances of a black person being in pkmn....ehh slim to zero. Remember Pokemon is from Japan, and there aren't any black people there, nor do I think most Japanese game developers would even put a black person in a game..(well excluding Sazh Katzroy from FFXIII). Though the color..or race of the people in pokemon don't matter to me! I'm black and in the games the player I'm playing doesn't cross my mind that often.. Who knows..maybe there will be a black person in pkmn black :D
Sazh isn't the only Black guy in FF but yeah xD Pokemon White and Black now sound like a fight for slavery or something now thanks to this post xD Pokemon Black would be anti slavery and Pokemon White would be pro slavery xD weird image. Thanks.

Originally Posted by ChrisTom View Post
Wow. I didn't have a problem with this thread until I saw that. That is very close to racist.

That's like saying there aren't any Mexican people in England, or that there aren't any Japanese people in Canada.

That is just stupid. The only reason thay haven't put an African American (A term I hope you use more often) is because of the demographics. Most people in Japan are very light skinned just like most people in Canada and America are light skinned. This DOESN'T mean that all people there are like that PiPVoda. And there have been other races in the games (many people in the Sevii Islands were Polynesian-looking).

Anyways, interesting question. If I'm not mistaken there was an episode in the Anime that centered an African American.
Ah. 13 year olds. Always fun. Black is socially acceptable and mostly used. Most Blacks prefer Black to African American actually. There are few Blacks and Mexicans in Japan and a little more Whites than Blacks and Mexicans. Japan surprisingly has more Japanese than anything (Shocker!) If you told me only 2 Black people total live in Japan I wouldn't doubt it...

Originally Posted by Narcissus Secret View Post
Actually, the point the raised is exactly why there are not Black people in Japan. Also, African American doesn't suffice, because there is a difference between that and what would be African Japanese. African American would only be referring to those in "America." Pokemon, however, is produced in Japan, where they don't really have that much black people(if any, really)
Exactly African Americans are Blacks....but not all Blacks are African Americans....Can't put it better than this...

On subject does it really matter what color the skin of the characters are? Ash looks White but is Japanese (Asian), Brock looks Mexican/Black but is Japanese...Their are some that are French and what not I'm guessing they are White...But it doesn't matter really...It would be hard for artist to switch skin colors for every character and not mess something up...Whatever I'm done with this post.
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