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Originally Posted by DarkAlucard View Post
OMG Super Mario Bros is racist because they don't have any mexican/afro-american/chinese character!!!
Blast haha, Pokemon is based in pokemons not in trainers, or Gold has protect Thyplosion for being attacked with Hydro Pump? The characters are only for the good sake of the games and really doesn't matter if they are from a specify coountry or group of people. Is a game and you should have fun with it, not think of it as a racist game. And yeah, Pokemon doesn't have black people because the programers don't do it, but that fact don't prevent that all people around the world enjoy their adventures with the Pocket Monsters and i think that the problem with Jynx color was stupid, is like if i protest because Ludicolo has a mexican hat

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the jynx problem was FAR MORE than just stupid
Y´see im Brazilian and I COULD NOT WATCH THE EPISODE WHERE BROCK IS KISSED BY A JYNX.......................I wish i could have the pleasure of laughting out loud out of that one, just to imagine....

BUT just think, the guy i just mentioned has in fact a little difference in ethnicity
Brock i mean, and just for the record, He´s a frickin´ gym leader OF KANTO aaaaand has an important part in both Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Gold/Silver/Crystal arc manga volumes and the anime itself, in wich he is one of the main caracters.

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