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Quote originally posted by Reashaun:
When I try to run the game i get ''RGSS Player has stopped working''
then it exits out D:
please help!?
Nvm i fixed it :D
Cool =].

Quote originally posted by AceDragonite:
thanks oh and lovin the backsprites!
Thx ^^.

Quote originally posted by Darkraza:
I can too XD
(e ai tudo bem?)

This new revamp is awesome... I really liked uranium before... and its even better now!
I just find the male hero's hair when sideways weird looking... it doesnt make much sense when compared to the other sprites of him... besides that, uranium is looking great!
I see what you mean and I'll try to do something about it, also, thanks for the compliment ^^.

Quote originally posted by Fr0ZeN-LIgeR:
with this new revamp does that mean that some of the old fakemon will be removed??

btw the new screenies look awesome and i hope to see a whole lot morein future :D

and the primape evolution looks epic!!
So far any of them was removed, however some of them are getting a revamp on both sprite and design.

Well guys, later today I'll show you the first two gym leaders revamped (the ones from the demo) and also present the third one! I'm sure you will all like them =p. Also, just so you know, I plan on before releasing the big demo that would be the sequel to the current old one to release one that contains all the stuff in the first one but with everything revamped and polished up. There are only a few sprites and tiles missing mor that and also a bit of testing. What do you think of that?
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