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Originally Posted by diegoisawesome
What we need now is that Step 2.
EDIT: Applying the patch for Emerald, strangely enough, didn't work.
EDIT2: Not only did it not work as expected, here's exactly what it did:
1. At first, when walking out a door, it loaded Tileset 2 into 0x06004000. I thought, this is strange...
2. Then, when walking to another map, the entire screen crapped up. Looking at the tile viewer, I saw that it had ended up loading Tileset 2 into 0x06005000, but keeping the version in 0x06004000 as well, and loading everything that the 0x06004000 version had overwritten, but after the 0x06005000 version!
My guess is that you found only one of the routines.
EDIT3: I was right! There are three more routines that you need to patch: 0x88DB6, 0x88D68, and 0x88D54, although only the first and fourth bytes, otherwise the other calculations would go awry. But you already know that, I'm talking to the people who look through this thread for a fix.
The end result is still screwed up when walking from one map to the next, but it's working for the most part.
Okay, part of your discovery is right, the screen gets messed up when your tileset 2 is bigger than it is on Fire Red. Cause on Fire Red tileset 2 is small, while R/S/E tileset 2's are bigger.

Edit: Yeah, I remember now why I didn't proceed further to edit the other 3 parts. Because, as you said coming out indoors the tileset 2 gets loaded into 0x06004000. Well, this didn't matter since the map refreshes when you goto another map (outdoors). And there wasn't any bugs, AFAIK. Anyway, if you're interested in patching the full thing feel free
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