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Originally Posted by Binary View Post
Really nice tool.
So can you edit maps and scripts in D/P/Pt and HG/SS roms with this tool? This sounds really good. I'm going to try this out right now. By 'new map' do you mean a new folder? It's confusing.
Oh, very sorry. In Dutch, the word 'map' means folder. I edited the first post, it should be correct now.

Originally Posted by Derlo View Post
Awesome tool man!

But i have a little problem.
When I close the tool, and open it again.
I can't save the ROM.

I had to delete the [romname] folder to save it.
I had that problem too, actually. Now I don't have to edit the folder anymore, but I have no idea how I fixed it.

@Souls1996 @Binary; no, you can't edit maps but you CAN edit scripts! There's no full list of scripts which you can edit one by one conveniently, but all the scripts that occur on the same map (and now I DO mean: map) are in a list, which you can edit. So yes, you can edit scripts.

For example, all scripts that occur in Canalave City are in a list, and all scripts in Floaroma Town, and so on.
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