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~ KPop Fanclub ~

This week's featured video:

Congratulations to Girls' Generation for winning at YTMA.

Welcome to the KPop Fanclub! I know there are some people here who are fans of KPop, whether you are a casual listener, casual fan, or hardcore fan (like me). I made this club for all of us since there is no where else to really talk about KPop on PC.

Basic Club Rules:
1. Discussion is fine. No fanwars/bashing/flaming is allowed here.
2. Respect everyone's opinion even though they may differ from yours.
3. No posts like "----- IS THE BEST EVERYONE ELSE SUCKS!" This does not contribute to any kind of discussion.
4. Common sense. Heard of it? Good.
5. All PC rules that apply.

KPop Fan List
Current Topics

How long have you been listening to KPop?
How were you introduced to KPop?
Which artists are you currently listening to the most?

Past Topics
Although these are past topics feel free to state your opinions on them if you want to. Just stay on the current topic as well, if you can.

KPop Biases
Claim your bias groups/solo artists here!

username - name/name/name/name

Example: miakalina - T-ara/SNSD/IU/2PM/SHINee/Kahi

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