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Quote originally posted by zommy08:
Do you have the Sinnoh starters? I can offer all three and Surskit if you want (I know, Surskit is REALLY random).
I need a Turtwig and I'll take the Surskit. Was there anything you wanted for them?

Quote originally posted by Mw24/7:
nvm I'll stop by later... Lol.
Man, I'm sorry. I'm so bad at this. I like afk all the time. D: What times are you usually on? I'll be sure to be on at those times for trade.

Quote originally posted by MaceFx:
I'm waiting in the Wifi Room now.
Are you still there? I can only give you four because I need two Pokemon in my party.

EDIT: I'll be available for trades at 3pm PST. I'm RNG breeding right now.
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