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I have little problem with playing specific sound for trainer battle...

does anyone know how to use specific battle song in trainer battle...?

I can change wildbattle song, but trainerbattle... i cannot...

wildbattle, just like this (using pokemon emerald rom):


#org 0xA00000
cry 0x199 0x2
pause 0x28
setvar 0x8004 0x199 // Jirachi
setvar 0x8005 0x5 // lv 5
setvar 0x8006 0x0 // item none
special 0x1E2
setflag 0x8C1
special 0x139
playsong 0x1C8 0x27 //playing specific music while battle with pokemon
clearflag 0x8C1
setflag 0x1428
pause 0xA0
hidesprite LASTTALKED
fadescreen 0x2