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I want to join! I love Bleach!
I wish I could be an Aizen. Oh well...
Well, as you can probably tell, my favorite character is the all-mighty Aizen-sama! Ulquiorra-sama is pretty cool too. Yes, very so - Ulquiorra-sama is my second favorite character...
Oh, and I absolutely love Aizen-sama's new form! It's BEAST!

Oh! And can I be a captain of squad 5!? Or... even better yet, could you make a Heuco Mundo-like thing? I'd love to be Mr. Lord Aizen! All-mighty ruler of the Espada! >=3
Yeah... But, if you won't do that... I'd settle for sqaud 5 captain(if I can get to that position first)...
I will prove my loyalty to the rules from here-on! ==

Okay... Now that I'm...done rambling...
I'll just say that...that whole episode was me being totally off-character. =.='
I was just... uh... really excited that someone actually made a Bleach fan-club...
It's just that out of all the websites I've been a member of, no-one's ever made one. I would have made one myself on those websites... It's just there isn't very many "hard-core" manga/anime fans on those websites - much less Bleach fans.

Oh, and to answer the "discussion of the week" question... I'd have Aizen-sama's zanpakuto(of course).
And now that I'm not so...excited; I took the time to read the posts. Now I see that someone else wanted to be squad 5 captain...Hmm..