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Quote originally posted by Sosuke Aizen:
Really? That's...interesting. =\ What other website does/do he/you go on that have Bleach clubs?'s Forum.
Quote originally posted by Sosuke Aizen:
...And how long does it take to become a captain? >.>
Well you have to prove yourself by being active and following the rules.
Quote originally posted by Sosuke Aizen:
Aw... What's wrong with Aizen? I'm fine with Sosuke, though. =P
Just not one of my favorite characters. ;p

Quote originally posted by minchan:
LOL Hi, I'm Min. Nice to meet you!

...great. I have competition for the fifth squad captain spot. Haha...

Well just FYI I don't mind if I can't be captain of the 5th squad, if I can be captain of the 10th squad. I know I can't be captain yet anyway, but just so you know for when I have enough contributions and all. ;;


I just scanned and colored my shikai. Take a look!


I also resized the spirit and unreleased form pictures, so check those out again as well.

The links in my original post about my zanpakuto are still to the full size versions though.

I'll try to scan, color, and upload the bankai picture soon, but not right now since I have a few other things I need to do.
Well I was thinking of letting you pick which squad you wanted to be in, since you've been doing so well since you joined.

You have a pretty neat shikai!
The colors remind me of a friend's shikai.
Can't wait to see the bankai.

Quote originally posted by Sosuke Aizen:
Cool zanpakuto. It looks neat! Maybe I should create a zanpakuto. It'll probably be similar to Lord Aizen's... More or less so. >=3
Well, like the rules say, try not to make it too powerful.
We don't want any Aizens, now do we?