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Ummm, I think adding 493 Pokemon or more is possible, but it may be dangerous, you'll not know how many bugs will appear.....
I tried with 411 Pokemon and it's OK, all data and image. But only have a problem, it's not show on Pokedex (you can't view it on Pokedex but others such as data, flavor text, species... is ok when you catch it).
And Zoroark... I don't like it much but when I bring it to the hack, I think it's OK (The screenshot is just a test) . Maybe have about 30-50 Gen V Pokemon in this hack.

And Battle Frontier have a different moveset for a Pokemon, so if a Pokemon has been replaced, moveset data is not changed. Eg: You can see a Floatzel use a Giga Drain.... :\

In the next update, I'll show everyone the E4 and Champion Room.

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