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Didn't watch this in Japanese, so I was completely surprised by Barry's enterence :D Just Barry being in an episode, it makes it completely watchable. And I'm actually finding Gible funny now, rather than just annoying for giving Piplup more screentime. So everything's good.

- Hehehe, liked the "....." part XD
- Ick, don't like how Brock keeps going on about the Pokegear
- Hehehe, indecisive Gible is so funny XD
- BARRY :DDDDDDDDDDD I didn't know he was in this episode! :D
- See, that crash with Ash...why didn't it happen with Paul??
- Barry: *to Ash* Keep your shirt on. Ash/Barry shipping has officially been disproved
- Dawn: 6 is less than 7
- So, Barry actually got a free bike...
- Barry's scream at Gible XDD
- Hahahaha, Barry just goes straight in there to catch it, stupid Ash, it's just as Barry says, first come, first serve ~
- What is with Ash's jump o.o I knew he could jump a lot, but, really??
- Barry again :D
- Yay, I hope Emploleon wins :D Will be annoyed if he doesn't
- Haha, Piplup's already scared of Draco Meteor
- And it hits :D And Barry's happy it hit Piplup XDD
- Love Barry's face when Gible bites its hand XD

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Ash helping Gible on the cliff
Sinnoh Team Rocket Motto
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