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Originally Posted by banngr View Post
Pokemon Axis.

Nazi Germany

You play as Hitler. Himmler is the prof and gives you s choice of 3. As you play through the game beating gyms, you take the last gym leader you beat with you (eg. start of red you would take brock and double battle with misy and co.). This means that the whole game is based double battles. Once you have beaten the elite 8 (doubles), the whole game translates into german LOL
Originally Posted by darkslayr425 View Post
Um that would have to use some non existent flag and you'd say by by to simple scripts (its still simple compared to other things but you'd need to know it at the start) what about getting warped all over the place to verses legendary pokemon who are trying to destroy the region etc its not well thought out (my one) and the scripting may be a bit though but oh well (ill use navel rock as the first base by editing the ho-oh and lugia and then making our own) by the way the first bit refers to Pokemon Axis
Without brining in darkslayr's point you've also got to bear in mind that possibly a pokemon game where you play as Hitler isn't going to be the best, or the most PC, in the world.

Originally Posted by dajman1996 View Post
So you can start off any region of the 4. You wake up watch T.V and a show called Pokemon Sunday is on and fortunatley the player loves Pokemon Sunday. After the show ends The Player goes outside and is told by their Mom to go to the Proffesors house for a surprise!

The Surprise turns out to be a Pokemon! You choose your starter of the region and your rival dashes in with a girl either May, Dawn, Lara and they both ask for a Pokemon. The Proffessor in a generous mood gives them Pokemon aswell, the girl runs off back home to tell her parents while the rival taunts you that he started to go out with the girl, and unfortunatley you still have a crush on her. Your rival challenges you and you battle him either winning or losing.

After you start your own Pokemon journey to become Champion and win your dream girls heart! But during that All the teams have teamed up and captured their desired legendaries and started to attack and the player leaps into action to stop their plans will the player succeed or let the Pokemon world down it's your choice
It starts off hopeful in the glen of originality before sauntering carelessly in to the valley of cliche. Also plots that just go "legendaries galore" are usually the worst anyway (though still not as bad as playing as Hitler).