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Name: Riley

Species: Teddiursa

Appearance: Riley is like most Teddiursa's, about two feet tall and twenty pounds. He's a dark brown, making the white crescent on his forehead stand out even more than usual. His most distinctive feature, however, are that his ears are much larger than most of his species. They're almost the size of his head, and the tops dip down a little, making him look a little like a dog.

Personality: Riley is a funny little Teddiursa, always making jokes and trying to play tricks on other pokemon. Usually he just jokes around and has a good time, but when he has to, he can get serious. When he does have to really fight, and not just play around, he is deceivingly rough for his size. He's not afraid of much and wouldn't hesitate to go into battle with a pokemon much bigger and stronger than he is.

Background and History: Riley was born with a small group of Teddiursa's and Ursaring's. They traveled around the land, not staying in one place for very long, and didn't see many dark pokemon. When they did, Riley's dad 'Brick' managed to hold them off, because for some reason, touching the dark pokemon didn't affect him.

One day, when the group was sitting in a clearing to rest for the night when the trees around them started cracking. It was an ambush of many dark pokemon, who were intent on turning them just because that was what they were made to do. 'Brick' tried to hold them off, but there were too many and the group fell, and almost all of them turned dark. In fact, all of them turned except for Riley.

Riley was off to the side of the clearing gathering some honey on it's paws when he heard the shouts of battle. He ran to the clearing and saw his father fall to the dark pokemon. Riley knew he would fall too, so he ran away from the clearing as fast as he could, not going anywhere in particular, just running.

And that's what Riley has been doing since that day. He forages for food and stops by lakes and streams to drink, and usually sleeps up in trees or in holes. He has learned a lot by living this lifestyle, mostly about surviving. He's managed to do a good job of it so far, and he doesn't plan on stopping now.

RP Sample: Riley finished off his last berry and looked up at the night sky through the leaves of the trees. The stars shined brightly and he sighed, wondering how long it was before his luck would finally run out. He sometimes wondered if it would just be easier to give in...

"But enough of that talk!" Riley said to himself as cheerily as he stood up and grabbed hold of the tree. Heaving himself up to a sturdy branch and settling in, he scratched his back and smiled. "Bet you'd be proud of me, pa..." he said, still in a cheery tone, and almost fell asleep before he heard a branch crack below him.

The Teddiursa's eyes shot open, but he didn't move. His giant ear's strained to listen for any other sounds, and he heard a clicking sound, like a bird climbing up a tree with it's feet. Riley waited until the sound was only a few feet below him, then tumbled off the branch towards the bird.

He collided with a dark Pidgey, and his weight brought both of them down to the ground. Riley stood up quickly and pounced on the Pidgey, who was still on the ground because the fall broke it's wing. He banged it on the head a couple of times, then stopped to take a deep breath and see if it was still conscious. It chirped shortly, so Riley reared his head back and slammed it forward above the Pidgey's beak on it's forehead.

The dark pokemon's muscles relaxed as it fainted, and Riley stood up, breathing heavily. "Taught you," he said, gave a small laugh and walked on, thinking now that he would walk through the night and sleep in the morning.

((Yup, that's it. I'll just be, er, moving on now... >.>))
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