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Species: Wooper
Name: Mr. Quiggles (or just Quiggles)
Appearance: Just a regular Wooper with some slight discrepancies: the spots on his tail are brown not black and the strips on his chest are lime green not purple and the twigs (I don't know what they really are) are also lime green instead of pink.
Personality: He's really happy all the time. If someone insults him he'll just ignore it completely but once in awhile it will get to him. He'll start crying then he'll get really really mad. He'll tackle his aggravator to the ground and then stop slapping him with his tall. It's more anointing than threatening. He's the overly optimistic 4-year-old of the group.
Background & History: There not much to tell. He's a 10 year old Wooper but acts like a 5 year-old. He's never done anything adventurous and he has amnesia, the main reason hes so happy.
Other: Wears a Soothe Ball attached to a white scarf as a headband.

So yea. There you go.

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