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Porygon X is new. It's supposed to be that way (new evolution). Also, I am going to have multiple new Fakemon in the story. Don't worry, they'll be unveiled slowly. I am planning on involving Mijumaru/Tsutaja/Pokabu and/or Zorua/Zoroark in the story at some point, probably when the English names are announced.

Now that that whole reply is finished, enjoy Part 2 of Chapter 4!

Pokémon: The Almia Conspiracy

Chapter 4: Part II

In the streets of Pueltown, a group of 3 slightly elderly people walked through the busy city.

One of them was a woman, who wore magenta clothes, and she had bright pink hair, fashioned in a ponytail.

Another was a man with large muscles, who wore mustard yellow clothes, and had dirty blonde hair, spiked up.

The last was also a man, and he wore a light blue t-shirt, covered by an unzipped dark blue jacket. His hair was cerulean, and it was fashioned in typical manga style.

“Hey, Narrator dude, why did you describe me last?” the blue-haired man asked angrily.

“Yet you are again breaking Wall Number Four, Ice!” the yellow-haired man exclaimed.

“Will you be quiet, Heath? I’m trying to put on my makeup and you’re messing up my concentration!” the woman said, holding a mirror in her hand, while trying to put makeup on her already caked face.

“Lavana, you’ve already got tons of it on your face. How about we actually focus on our mission every once in a while?” Ice said, patting the Kin Ball on his belt containing the Dialga they summoned at Almia Castle.

Suddenly, a ringtone sounded from Heath’s left pocket. He pulled out the specially made yellow Pokénav from within his pocket.

“Hello?” Heath asked, picking up the call on his Pokénav.

“Heath, put it on speaker.” the voice on the other end of the line said.

“Uh, who is there?” Heath replied, absolutely befuddled as to who it was.

“It’s Kincaid, dummy!” Kincaid yelled from the other end, so loud that all three of them could hear.

A beep then sounded from the yellow device, signifying that Heath had put the conversation on speaker mode.

“OK, you are on speaker, Ice and Lavana also within hearing distance.” Heath replied.

“Where are you three? Your tracking devices seem to be malfunctioning, so I can’t tell where you are.” Kincaid replied, this time his voice amplified.

“We’re in Pueltown, almost on the path to Chroma Ruins.” Lavana answered, still finding more places on her face that she could put makeup on.

“Good. Continue on, however, I must notify you of a new development deep in the ruins,” Kincaid replied, “Space anomalies are continually forming around where we’ve predicted that Palkia will appear.”

“Good it is, right?” Heath responded.

“Yes, it is good, Heath. We need Palkia to complete our plans for domination of Almia.” Ice answered.

“Well, I’m going to hang up now. Keep heading towards the ruins or you’ll be too late to capture Palkia!" Kincaid said, followed by the main screen reappearing on the Pokénav, taking place of the call screen.

Heath slipped the Pokénav back in his pocket while they kept walking through Pueltown towards the road leading to the ancient Chroma Ruins.

Then, a slightly shorter tone sounded from Ice’s right pocket, signifying that he had just received an SMS text message. He removed his specially made blue Pokénav from his pocket and glanced at the message he received.

“It’s from Kincaid. He says that he ordered a car for us to use to get to the ruins.” he said, reading the message, and then looked around for the car.

Lavana soon spotted their car. It was a sleek black sedan, manufactured by Nissan. The license plate on the back was emblazoned with the word “targa,” showing that it was for them.

They got in the car, and Heath got in the front seat to drive. Ice still had his Pokénav out, and was replying to Kincaid’s text.

“Could he have at least got us a chauffeur too? Kincaid can be so uncultured…” Lavana complained as she scrambled into the standardly decorated sedan.

“Do you want me to ask him that, Lavana?” Ice asked, rapidly tapping the Pokénav, typing on its virtual keyboard.

“No! You know I don’t like to offend the boss!” Lavana retorted, annoyed by his comment.

“Hey, Narrator, isn’t it time to end this chap-mmph!” Ice asked, but before he could finish, Lavana put a towel over his mouth.

“Would you just shut up with the fourth-wall breaking already?” Lavana exclaimed.

The car finally pulled off along the road to the Chroma Ruins, and the squabbling Sinis Trio continued on their evil quest.

To be continued…

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