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Prof. Birch in the intro isn't in the compression that UnlZ looks for... There was this thing called TPL that did it...

I know, years ago, I had done something about that... Lemme look that up.

EDIT: Found it...
1. How to edit Birch in the Intro (R/S/E)
Editing birch is easy, well, very easy, so follow me:
1. Get EliteMap (well if you don’t have this you are not a hacker)
2. Open TLP.exe (it comes with elite map)
3. Load your ROM in it
4. Well go to Edit>Goto and choose the hex radio
5. Type 39DA00 as the offset and click on Go!
6. Then go to Pallet>Load and choose birch.tpl file which I have given with this tutorial. You would see that it looks a bit like birch but yet not exactly
7. Now resize the window in which the ROM has been loaded, horizontally to half
8. But yet it is messed up so we press the key we use to put minus signs and underscores 12 times and viola, Birch has emerged from trash
9. Edit it but remember that the first colour of the pallet is always transparent.
10. Only use the colours supplied don’t get too expecting that you change the pallet in TLP if you want to change the colours do the pallet editing stuff in the ROM.
See, how you can make Birch look like a baboon wearing a lab coat so easily?
This was by: Rocking Groudon... The rest of the tutorial doesn't need reposting, it's obsolete.
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