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Originally Posted by Thunderstrike View Post
I'm pretty new here, but I thought I'd throw out my idea anyway.

20 years ago, Team Galactic released a legendary pokemon in order to control the world. However, a child appeared to try to stop them. Seeming to follow in the footsteps of previous pokemon trainers in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn who had stopped evil, it was likely that he would succeed.

But, something went wrong.
The trainer was defeated, and the world fell under the control of Team Galactic. None could stop the power of the legendary pokemon.

Today, all of the gyms and the Elite 4 have been disbanded. You live in a small town which has only been slightly affected by the new world rulers.
Its been years since your father disappeared after a Galactic "investigation" group visited. Your mother tells you that your father worked for a resistance organization, and you want to follow in his footsteps.

So, your mother tells you of the location of a resistance base, the only information she knows about it. However, before you leave, she gives you one of three pokemon, left by your father.

Despite Team Galactic's rule with an iron fist over the world, certain resistances formed from underground organizations, led by none other than Team Rocket.
Yup, Giovanni leads the resistance. Although advanced in age by this point, he is still a very powerful trainer.

So, you begin your journey, joining Team Rocket and the resistance in order to avenge your father, and end Team Galactic's rule.

(I really wish I could hack my own games well)
Sounds good...Team Rocket being the good guys is a neat idea. If done right, it could make the organization more complex, since so far they've been pretty ineffective and even pathetic as villians. But I'm wondering what their motive is. Is Team Rocket still organized crime? If so, why do they want to change the world order?

You could cut out the first bit, with the child trainer going up against Team Galactic. It's kind of silly. You make it sound like everyone expected the kid to win. Let's face it, 10-year-olds just don't have what it takes to save the world. Plus, it has no relation to the rest of the plot...unless said kid shows up later... Even then, he'd better not be viewed as a hero or anything.

Originally Posted by banngr View Post
Pokemon Axis.

Nazi Germany

You play as Hitler. Himmler is the prof and gives you s choice of 3. As you play through the game beating gyms, you take the last gym leader you beat with you (eg. start of red you would take brock and double battle with misy and co.). This means that the whole game is based double battles. Once you have beaten the elite 8 (doubles), the whole game translates into german LOL
I hope you're joking. No, of course you're joking. Hitler as a beginning Pokemon trainer makes no sense at all. You can't just translate Nazi Germany into a standard Pokemon game. It falls short of being funny. People would be all, "Huh? I'm playing as Hitler? Wtf?"

Originally Posted by Breets View Post
The game starts with you moving into your new house in the small town of Tanzan. You've just moved from Goldenrod with your mom and pet Eevee, and so you instantly miss the exciting big city life. Since Tanzan is a small farming town, you quickly become bored and crave the excitement you had back home.
Suddenly, your mom calls you downstairs. Apparently, there was a incident in the next town over, something about a group of shady individuals lurking around the mines. Seizing this opportunity for adventure, you and Eevee sneak out of town with another boy/girl who also craves excitement.

Unfortunately, as you begin to wander from town to town, you start to realize a dark secret about this new region. The shady individuals, who call themselves Team Rocket, seem to run the show from behind the scenes, manipulating people and Pokemon for profit. Even still, your new friend has gone missing. You fear that this group of criminals has kidnapped him/her for whatever reason, and you set off to rescue him/her and return the region to normal.

The game takes place at the same time as the events in Johto, where Team Rocket is trying to regroup. Apparently, in an effort to convince Giovanni to return, Team Rocket as a whole split off into two groups, one located in Johto and the other in this new region. However, whereas the group in Johto failed, this group succeeded in taking over the region.

There will be no gym leaders or Elite 4. Instead, the Rocket Executives on each of the 4 islands of the region will act as "boss" characters. There will still be gyms with trainers in them, but they will be optional places for raising up your Pokemon's levels.

Let me know what you think!
Seems like there's some information missing. What's the connection between "sneaking off to the next town over" to "wandering all over the region"? It's a big shift. For the first, you just pack a lunch and you're back by nightfall. For the second, your mom is probably calling the police because she thinks you've run away.

It looks like you're using the kidnapping as a motive for the protagonist to go after Team Rocket. But you also want it to make logical sense. For instance, is there a good reason for the kidnapping? Why would Team Rocket kidnap a kid (assuming everyone's under 18) that has no connection to them? Let's see, kidnapping usually involves ransom or some kind of manipulation. Are the kid's parents wealthy? In government? There has to be some reason other than 'plot device'.

Team Rocket members as boss battles might work pretty well. I'd make more than four of them, though. If there's nothing but wild Pokemon battles between the bosses, it might get kind of boring.

I like the idea, overall. The devil is in the details, though. I'd love to see someone pull off a good 'Team Rocket has taken over the world!' hack that has a solid, engaging plot. Maybe it'll be you? :0

Originally Posted by RogerRapid View Post
Hey everyone!

First of all, i have a brilliant story, written in a Word Document. It goes up to the Third Gym. I Have it all figured out how the story will continue. Unfortunatly i am not going to tell the whole story in one text. But here's a little preview:

Pokémon Legends – Tale of Emotions


5 years after the events of Team Rocket in the Johto Region new evil plans have been seen in the north of the Pokémon world. In the region of Otsu, which is located north of Johto and the Kanto regions, four legendary Pokémon are recently disappeared from their original places namely Lake Navy, Lake Ultramarine, Lake Denim and the Lake of Rage. The Pokémon fled because of a mysterious power caused by human technology. The humans are trying to catch legendary Pokémon to take control over the region Otsu and the entire universe. Besides , they are trying to catch the Legendary Pokémon. The villainous Team also takes part in smaller crimes like Pokémon robberies and Pokémon barters. Since then, no one knew who this group of people was but now their mysterious ways of catching Pokémon for bad deeds is beginning to take a critical form…

- Town and Region names go by color: (Lake Denim, Apricot Town, Harlequin City)
- The 8 Gyms are not by type, but by another kind of STAT (f.e.: Baby Pkm, Heavy Pkm, Fast Pkm)
- Catch the 4 legendary pokemon (Gyarados, Celebi, Darkrai, Latias/Latios)
- Fight with pokemon from the 1st 2nd and 3rd generation

The next thing:

I am a supernoob when it comes to hacking. So my question: Is there anyone that knows how to do that and probaply is GOOD at it.

If you are interested in the complete story and you want to be part of something that might be a great hacking team, please respond.

Thank You so much for even reading the prologue! I appriciate!

PS: I'm Dutch, so my english typing may be not so good XD
So...basically, an evil Team is trying to capture legendaries to Take Over The World, and the only one that can stop them is a 10-year-old novice trainer. It sounds a lot like the Ruby/Sapphire plot in which Team Magma/Aqua were trying to capture Groudon/Kyogre. In other words, it isn't super original, but it could work.

I'm noticing some logical inconsistencies. First, you suggest that catching legendaries is evil. So why is the protagonist allowed to catch them? Are 10-year-olds really more responsible than everyone else?

Okay, you might say, catching legendaries isn't bad in itself. But these people who are going after them are totally evil! So they could only use the power of legendaries for evil.

How do we know these people are evil? You mention robberies and Pokemon bartering (whatever that is). How does that relate to their larger goal of taking over the world? If I made an organization devoted to capturing legendaries, I wouldn't bother with minor things like robberies and what-not. Even organized crime doesn't involve itself with petty theft. It's not profitable.

When you have an Evil Team that engages in general villainy and has an absurdly complex plan to take over the world, they end up looking ineffective because you know they won't succeed. Just my two cents.

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