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Quote originally posted by minchan:
The tag is "spoiler" not "spoil" - get it right ILP!! XD XD XD
Ah, right, sorry. Thanks for fixing that. Serebii uses spoil tags, and normal spoiler won't work (though" spoiler=xxxx" does) and I thought they'd be the same.

Quote originally posted by minchan:
Smile, I LOL'd at that Aizen image. But I call him a fail because he fails at being normal and actually likable. -.-;; I hate him for the stuff mentioned in that image though. XD
I somewhat like Aizen for BEING so Godmod. I mean, he's really smart (which is always a good thing in my book) also, the amount of times we think "You IDIOT! Don't be so stupid!" to the villain, I guess Aizen is just avoiding those (cranked up to eleven, yes, but still avoiding those).

Quote originally posted by minchan:
You know what I just thought of that would be a funny parody?
You know how Ulquiorra disintegrated into ashes??? Well I think it would be funny if there was a parody in which he is shown as a pile of ashes making random commentary or something. XD A pile of ashes with googly eyes would be even funnier. XD XD XD
Haha, that'd be really great. I can so imagine Gin coming, taking out a green marker, and drawing 2 green lines from beneath its eyes.

Quote originally posted by minchan:
I have another (random) question: What's your favorite Bleach song(s)?
I like most of the theme openings and endings, as well as a large number of the background music (such as that really, dramatic, operatic song. You know the one). And not to mention the Bleach Beat Collection... Too many songs to list.

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