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Since last time:

One of the main features of this game immediately prevalent is the ability to choose which region the starters are "imported" from; Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn's starter Pokemon are all possibilities for use in this game--this has been fully implemented and works flawlessly.

It's a lot of fun being a one-man show, y'know? No, it's not. But this is not a blog and you quite frankly do not care to read about my worries!

So what's next for me to work on for this rom hack? The scripts for the next town, Elderoak Town.

The concrete thing that has been done for this place is a "tour guide" script similar to what is in GSC that works flawlessly.

There's more that I've done but I really don't see the point in telling you what I'm doing point by point, which is why this thread isn't updated constantly like some attention w hore would most likely do. Yes, I put a space in "w hore" because this forum has a censor. Oh well. I'll do what I must to explain as I see just!

The only reason I even feel compelled to post is due to that new rule about old threads being deemed so if they're older than a month. Does this mean that a thread will get locked for being an "old thread" in this forum? Sounds pretty ridiculous but whatever.

So in other words, be glad to read this because it's due to me interpreting a forum rule as a draconian attempt to stifle an otherwise limitless flow of ideas--MY ideas.
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