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I have a lot of hacking experience, so this wont be tricky, but here we go.

You wake up from your sleep, in a strange but familiar place, you seem to think something is wrong. Moving down the stairway, you notice nothing but a table, and a note. You walk over to the note, and read the words it says. "Day 20: The transformation is complete, all memories have been lost". After reading this, you come to the shock realization you don't know who you are, and must enter a quest to discover your true meaning. When you walk outside, you notice nothing but bushland, and a small path leading away from it, as you walk over the path you see many Pokemon running around, and they seem to know you.. As you continue you come to a large city, with a sinister building sticking out, your quest to discover your identity begins.

Pokemon Ambience!
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