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Originally Posted by Lady Snowblood View Post
You tried to steal my name. ;o

How rude.

You wouldn't.
My hopes of being Psychic Gym leader would be shattered.. );

Very well, I shall retract my statement.

Even though it was high-larious. <_<

haha I literally have no idea why you think i tried to steal your name, but i'll go with it :D

Edit: oh no i didn't mean YOUR name, i meant i'd already made an account with the name DannyB01 and found out when i tried to register i'd already made it before.

Edit 2: you didn't actually think that did you? You were having me on again! Shame on you! lol

I'll let you know how the quest for wish bagon goes, i can't imagine anybody turning down 4 NoKs plus 2 other rare events though O.0, let's hope i'm right :D