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Hi, im Campiador ( or Zaquiou, whatever ...), i want to help you on Pokemon Garnet, and to tell the truth, your game is the best hack ive ever saw.
Listen, i want to help you, and your team, im good at creating pokemons ( i have some pokemons i created to show you ), im good too at the "New Pokemons Evolution", incluiding legendarys (ex: arceus), rare (ex: relicanth ), or i can create new badges.
Ah, and if you want me to create pokemon or evolutions, i can tell you the dex info of the new pokemon. BUT in the creating pokemons and evolution i cant do a sprite, i draw them, if you want ill give you the draws on net ( image) and your spriter well turn it into sprite.
I can create new items, incluiding, medicine items, berries, items, key items, and more ...
I would be happy, if you insert me on the team. Well if you want to make me a task ( showing what i can do ), ill do it.
Ill be waiting for you awnser .

Sorry about English.