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You've grown up your entire life hearing stories about your father, the champion, how he defeated all eight gyms, the elite four, former champion, and the battle frontier at a young age, and how he stopped teams aqua and magma evil plans, and saved all of Hoenn from the rage of kyogre and groudon. Now, as you start your journey, something is different from anything your dad told you about his. Trainers know your name. People notice you. And, as the remnants of Team Magma reform, seeking revenge, you are targeted, because, by Team Magma's reasoning, if they capture you, they can keep your dad from intervening by threating your life.
Team Magma:
Twenty years ago, Maxie disbanded Team Magma following the events at stoopolis city. Tabitha did not agree with the desicion. He and Maxie fought, causing a permanent rift between the former Magma Team. Some agreed and went off with Tabitha, rebuilding in secret, under the guise of Magnition Industries, a company dedicated to providing new fuel sources. Recently, people have reported Team Magma grunts perpetrating small crimes. It is rumored that they have returned.

Twin Brother __________

Gyms(pics coming soon)
Max, Gym 1, No Type; Ralts, Poochyana
Roxanne, Gym 2, Rock Type; Geodude,__________, Nosepass
Brawly, Gym 3, Fighting Type; Machop,________, Hariyama
Electra, Gym 4, Electric Type; _________, Flaffy, Electabuzz
Flannery, Gym 5, Fire Type; Quilava, Trokoal, Magmar
Skylar, Gym 6, Flying Type; Swellow,________,Gliscor, Staraptor
Liza, Gym 7, Psychic Type; Lunatone, Grumpig, Slowking, Alakazam (Tate is head of the Rocket Launch Building)
Matt, Gym 8, Water Type; Gastrodon, Crawdaunt, Tentacruel, Gyrados, Sharpedo

Elite 4
Bringing the animie's tournament style conferences to the games.
Ever Grande League championship

-Team can only be changed between rounds, healed after each battle-

Preliminaries- 1 one on one battle
Ace Trainer; __________

Qualifying Round- 3 Double battles

Pokemon Breeder; Swampert,_______
Swimmer; _________,_________

Finals- 16 Full Battles- Elite 4 and Rival fights here

Wally, Psychic Type; Bronzong,Magnezone, Roserade, Gallade, Alakazam, Gardevior
Cool Trainer; Ursaring, Steelix, Ariados, Weavile, Luxray, Flygon
Bug Maniac; Armaldo, Mothim, Drapion, Venomoth, Yanmega, Scizor
Black Belt; Medicham, Breloom, Poliwrath, Heracross evo, Machamp, Infernape
Triton, Dragon Type; Tyranitar, Altaria, Salamence, Garchomp,Dragonite, Kingdra
Cue Ball; Camperupt, Toxicraok, Arcanine, Crobat, Arbok, Magmorter
Psychic; Jynx, Bronzong, Slowbro, Espeon, Alakazam, Medicham
Lucy, Ghost/Poison Type; Spiritomb, Milotic, Gengar, Dusknoir,Drapion, Seviper
Dragon Tamer; _______, Steelix, Salamence, Gyrados, Altaria, Garchomp
Gardener; Roserade, Bellosum, Vileplume, Meganium, Venasaur, Torterra
Rich Boy; Linoone, Mightyana, Tropius, Magnezone, Hitmonlee, Porygon Z
Rocker; Rampardos, Hitmontop, Kriketune, Chimecho, Exploud, Electivire
Morrison, Steel Type; Probopass ,Swampert, Arcanine, Steelix, Gliscor, Metagross
Bird Keeper; Swellow, Honchkrow, Dodrio, Staraptor, Pidgeot, Staraptor
Mechanic; Electrode, Steelix, Kingler, Magnezone, Machamp, Magmorter

Champion Brendan, No type; Aggron, Gallade, Salamence, Swampert, Sceptile, Blaziken

Team Magma-Team
Admin Courtney-
Admin Slate-
Admin Granite-
Leader Tabitha-

Battle Fronteir:
Set up like gyms, except all teams are level 100, getting all symbols will unlock a secret island
Battle Factory- Factory Head Thorten; ________, Infernape,_______,Garchomp, ________, Electivire
Battle Pike- Pike Queen _______; no team yet
Battle Tower-Tower Tycoon Barry; Roserade, Heracross evo(tba), Rapidash, Staraptor,Snorlax, Empoleon
Battle Arcade- Arcade Star _______; no team yet
Battle Arena- Arena Fighter Leonardo; Lucario, Poliwrath, Machamp, Gallade, Blaziken, _________
Battle Castle- Castle Valet Darius; Ursaring, Kingdra, Staraptor, ________, Torterra, Blaziken
Battle Hall- Hall Matron _______; no team yet
Battle Dome- Dome Head Archer; _______,Venasaur, Alakazam, Empoleon, Infernape, _______
Fronteir equvilent of pkmn legue:
Battle Forretress- Fronteir Head Ark; __________, Rhypherior, Electivire, Lucario, Flygon, Charizard

Epic battle- 2 on 1, You and Champion Brendon vs the Groudon like creature from Wish Maker.

Help Needed! Please PM me if you want to help. This will only be moved to progressive hacks after ALL positions are filled.
In-battle Trainer Spriter-
Fakemon Spriter-
Overworld Sprites-Me
Hoenn Remap- Me
Scripter -

This game will be a hack of LeafGreen, with a new pokedex, and some 4th gen added, and a few fakemon.

One thing I need now is someone who can script the starter recieve scene in the lab. If you can, please PM me. I will give you a copy of the file, and directions of what's supposed to happen.